dimanche 6 février 2011

Live Cassie Clare alone!

Do you remember that guy with Britney Spears?

You guys facing your computers (because it's very hard to read when you are behind), just live her alone! She is writing for us far far away in a land of desolation (sorry mexican, I had to try something...) and you just think about Alex Pettyfer's casting??? (so do I, but, don't tell anybody...)
So please live her alone, with your crasy asking stuff about Alex Pettyfer... Don"t you think she would tell us things as soon as she knows? Didn't she tell us evry details about the movie Yet?
So please, stop asking, just stop asking about the perfect body, pretty little blue eyes, and incredibly lovely hairs of Alex Pettyfer... (Too much don't you think?)

Something sure in this story. If Alex PEttyfer would be the perfect JAce, (you think?), the one who will be choosen, Will be the perfect one. (that's the only serious part of this post ;-)))

Seriously, Join team Patience, and wait. This is the perfect way and helpfull thing to do.

Thanks for her... last time just for fun...

Live her aloooooone!

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